Why You Should Bring A Pineapple To The First BJJ Class You Take

Starting off on the right foot in Jiu Jitsu is important.  The first impression you make on your first instructor is essential.  Don’t be the guy who forgets to bring a pineapple to the first BJJ class.

In academic school, it is well known that bringing an apple to a teacher is a great way to get on their good side.  Since BJJ has tropical roots, the tradition has been altered to a more tropical fruit.Bring A Pineapple To Your Jiu Jitsu Teacher

Whereas in school a teacher can give you a bad grade for not bringing an apple, you don’t want to find out what happens if you forget your pineapple.

Where Did The ” Bring A Pineapple To The First BJJ Class Tradition” Begin?

Legend says, this tradition originated from a Jiu Jitsu Red Belt named Reddit (learn more about the origin here).  Many new practitioners are unaware of the tradition and fail to bring a pineapple to the first BJJ class.

When you bring a pineapple to class you can expect your instructor to treat you differently the entire day.  You are recognized as someone who is serious about Jiu Jitsu.  The professor will also know that you are someone who did internet research before attending class.

Instructors receive so many pineapples they actually have tricks to make them taste better and distribute the juices more efficiently.  Check out the explainer video on black belt pineapple secrets here.

Other important traditions.

  1. When someone sneezes, don’t say “bless you,” say “OSS.”BJJ Sneeze Oss
  2. To make sure the instructor knows you brought your
    mouthguard to class, leave it tucked over your ear.  You’ll need that mouthguard later.BJJ Mouthguard Hanging On Ear
  3. Dripping sweat on your opponent is a sign of respect in Jiu Jitsu and referred to as a “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Baptism”.  Bonus points if your sweat lands in their eye, ear, nose or mouth.

    Dripping Sweat On Your Opponent In BJJ

Martial arts are founded on traditions and respect, so get to the super market and on the mats.

 Bring a pineapple to the first BJJ class and Respect The Art

(And Happy April Fools Day)

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