Lucas Walker is the author of the BJJ Self Help website.  He holds a Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is an instructor at Springfield BJJ and Martial Arts USA in Springfield, MO.

Lucas Walker Brown BeltFor years he was one of the least skilled grapplers on the mat at his academy but through attention to detail and persistence he worked his way through the ranks.  Now he helps teach others the lessons he has learned over nearly a decade.

Why BJJ Self Help?

When asked why he started to write Jiu Jitsu articles, Lucas said “I felt like in Jiu Jitsu there were so many times I was making mistakes and I didn’t even know it. My instructor couldn’t be everywhere at once and whenever I would look online for guidance about improving everyone just said ‘more mat time.’ I knew there had to be more ways to maximize improvement.”

Lucas continued  “Whatever someone would tell me to do, I would focus on and improve.  Just tell me what to do and I will execute on that!  I think every single practitioner wants to know how to get better faster, how to hack their time on the mat.  To me, the answer is more quality information.”


Lucas outlines how to leverage even greater results out of techniques by focusing on strategy and tactics.  A little guidance early in a Jiu Jitsu journey can have oversized cumulative results. Large doors swing on small hinges.

BJJ Self Help - Help Yourself BlockCollaboratively we are stronger than individually, and the hope of the BJJ Self Help Blog is to raise the level of all Jiu Jitsu by avoiding vagueness and spreading quality knowledge.

Where to start?


The home page has the posts divided by category in the recommended order of understanding.  Start at a number 1 in a section you are wanting to work on and work your way through.

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  1. Julian

    I’m so happy I came across this blog. All the articles made so much relevance. I stopped training back in 2013 and I look forward to get back on the mats.

    Thank you for taking time to create this blog!

    1. Glad you found it useful Julian!

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