Welcome to #bjjSelfHelp

Welcome to #bjjSelfHelp

Welcome to #bjjSelfHelp

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Having Trouble Finding Motivation To Train?
Having Trouble Finding The Motivation To Train Today?
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Can’t seem to get enough Jiu Jitsu knowledge in?  The Jiu Jitsu Instructor at your Academy teaches you efficient, proven techniques.  He doesn’t always have time to coach you individually on your journey.  bjjSelfHelp - BJJ Self Help

What if there were some small shifts in mindset and training that would help you get better faster?

This is BJJ Self Help.

Every Tuesday, I publish lessons, tips, tricks, and mindsets I wish I had known as I was progressing through the ranks. My goal is to empower grapplers to help themselves.  No one can make you great.  It is your responsibility to navigate your journey and become the best version of yourself.

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