What Are The Best BJJ Blogs For 2017?

(Last Updated: 8/24/17)

Here are the best other BJJ blogs to read in your down time, when you are waiting for Tuesday to come around again.  The knowledge at these sites are all worth your attention.

My Criteria

I spent the last days of 2016 looking for the best BJJ blogs out there to follow in 2017. There were some existing lists of Jiu Jitsu blogs that I used as jump off points for my research, but surprisingly most of them didn’t make the cut for two reasons.

  • They were inactive (the last post was more than 6 months ago).
  • They posted on average less than once a month

I also noticed was how huge “BJJ news sites” have become.  This makes sense because these sites get more clicks, and more ad money, but when they do have blog style entries they tend to be a little vague and impersonal, so none of these were included on this list.

This  research inspired me to make a goal to post weekly here at #bjjSelfHelp and become the most active Jiu Jitsu blog in existance (see you every Tuesday)!

If you know of a blog that should have made the list, please share in the comments!

Where To Start On This Blog (bjjSelfHelp.com)

Before I go into the best blogs out there I want to share a few of my favorite pieces of content of THIS blog.  Some of these were chosen because of their popularity, but most I have included because of how valuable the information is.  Enjoy!

How To Get Better At Jiu Jitsu (Advice To My Younger Self)

Don’t Quit Training (The Other Side Of The Wall)

My Biggest White Belt Mistake

Jeff Glover Unknowingly Made My Jiu Jitsu Fun Again
Video Interview With ADCC Champ Yuri Simoes “Intensity”
Why Should I Bring A Pineapple To My First BJJ Class?

The Best BJJ Blogs For 2017

Best BJJ Blogs Of 2017

1.) Bishop BJJ

Bishop BJJ
Click Here

This blog is run by black belt Tyler Bishop who is published in Jiu Jitsu magazines, has a podcast (that is supposed to make a comeback this year), and was an official commentator for some of the best events of 2016.  His speciality is tracking data, and making predictions or noticing trends based on the analytics.  (http://bishopbjj.com)

2.) Cast Iron BJJ

Cast Iron BJJ
Click Here

Josh Littleton, a black belt, runs the blog at Cast Iron BJJ.  He has some short to the point blog posts but I would recommend starting off at “Taking Notes” if you’re curious about some best practices from a master note taker. (http://www.excelsiorspringsbjj.com/category/jiujitsutalk/)

3.) The BJJ Mental Coach

BJJ Mental Coach
Click Here

Black belt Gustavo Dantas runs this blog.  His information is especially accessible because of the video format he uses to share his quality content (http://www.thebjjmentalcoach.com/category/blog/)

4.) Rise Again BJJ

Rise Again BJJ
Click Here

This blog is run by Tom McMahon, a black belt.  He focuses on his competition experiences featuring beautifully captured photography.

Note: (As of July 2017, this blog has become largely inactive) (http://riseagainbjj.com/blog)

5.) Dirty White Belt

Dirty White Belt
Click Here

This blog is a good blend of fun and nerdy.  Jeff is a purple belt who also runs a podcast. A post that really caught my attention was “15 Quotes From Moby Dick That Are Actually About Jiu Jitsu”.  (Site: https://dirtywhitebelt.com/blog/)

6.) The Grumpy Grappler

Grumpy Grappler
Click Here

Thomas Nadelhoffer is an academic philosopher and BJJ purple belt.  His writing shows off the philosophical side as he ponders different techniques and also how BJJ is run.  He considers how gyms are run, how belts are awarded and whether the curriculum should be followed.

Note: (As of July 2017, this blog has become largely inactive)(http://philosophycommons.typepad.com/the_grumpy_grappler/)

7.) Just A Girl In A Jiu Jitsu World

Just A Girl BJJ Blog
Click Here

A newly minted brown belt named Leslie keeps this blog.  The past few months haven’t had any new content, but she has years of consistency prior to a recent break.

In her own words – “I started this website with the intention was to do a blog about the trials and tribulations I was personally facing as a female in the greatly male populated
World of Jiu Jitsu and to serve as a way to look back on my journey to achieve my Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu. In the past 6 years I have gone through many ups and downs in Jiu Jitsu and my life. This blog has been an amazing outlet and provided me with a wonderful support group!” (http://www.justagirlbjj.com/blog)

8.) Jiu Jiu’s BJJ Blog

JiuJiuBJJ.comJulia, a blue belt with some stripes and years of training, runs this blog.  She started training in Korea, went through a back surgery watching from the sidelines and currently trains from Virginia in the U.S.  She addresses a lot of the insecurities she has felt throughout her training. (http://jiujiubjj.com/highlights/)

9.) RIP- Jiu Jitsu Lab – RIP

Jiu Jitsu Laboratory (Jiu Jitsu Lab)This blog doesn’t exist anymore (and hasn’t for years).  It was one of my favorites while it existed so I wanted to take a moment to commemorate one of the best BJJ blogs that didn’t make it. This set the bar high for blog posts.

Update: GREAT NEWS!!!  Thanks to Richard Presley, you can find all the Jiu Jitsu Lab Content revived here!

List any blogs I missed that should be on the list of “Best BJJ Blogs” in the comments!


  1. You’ve got some great blogs here. I check several of these on a weekly basis! If you’re wanting to discover some new ones, check out studentofbjj.com. It’s a website/blog dedicated to helping people take their first steps into BJJ. The website portion has a great overview of the various positions and submissions, and the blog portion has more personality than a lot of other blogs have.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that some of the links are dead on this page. #3 has a valid URL for the image, but the text link throws a 404 error. #4 is a blog that has been deleted so it can be removed from your list.


  2. This might seem like shameless self promotion but we have a blog about training BJJ together as a family, something we have done for the past eight years. We are planning to breathe some new life into the blog and start posting more often. One unique feature we have is our “Moms Who Roll” page which has some interesting biographies of the challenges faced by Moms juggling life and training. The blog can be found at http://www.jiujitsufamily.com/

  3. Thanks for coming by. Keep me posted with some of your best content and maybe I will have a spot for you on a future list!

  4. johnross33

    Thanks for this post. You may also give a look at the Higher Jiu Jitsu Blog – where everyday people build quality of life with Gracie Jiu Jitsu. You can find it here: http://higherjiujitsu.com.au/blog/ . Yours in Jits, John.

  5. Cool John, looks like you are keeping fairly fresh content up there. I’ll check it out more when I get a chance.

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