Repetition Power With Eddie Bravo And Keith Owen

My last article was about using YouTube as a tool in the Jiu Jitsu Journey.  In my next few blog posts, I am going to include some of the videos I have found most helpful in my Jiu Jitsu Journey.  The theme of these first videos is the power of repetition.  Jiu Jitsu is a long journey and repetition is essential to improvement.

Repetition For YouTubeThe two videos I am sharing today are the two most influential videos I watched as a beginner.  They both defined how I view training Jiu Jitsu.

These videos contain some adult language.

Repetition With Keith Owen

The first is Keith Owen talking about Tapping 10,000 Times on the road to being a blackbelt. (He talks about his background the first 3 minutes, skip to the 2:40 minute mark to get right into the meat of it).  We don’t always think of tapping as a form of repetition but Keith makes a strong case for the importance of it.  I have seen firsthand the efficacy of being ready to tap for safety and the punishment those who don’t follow this process experience.  I feel the first 5,000 taps or so are pretty easy to get as a white belt, the next 5,000 are harder and harder as we improve.

Click HERE to watch Keith Owen’s video on YouTube

Repetition With Eddie Bravo

The second video is Eddie Bravo talking about the magic number of repetitions.  This video helped keep me from feeling frustrated with new moves and my thinking about drilling focused.  One repetition at a time will eventually accumulate my “magic number.”  Why wait?  start drilling now and racking up your numbers.

Click HERE to watch Eddie Bravo’s video on YouTube.

The concepts in these two videos combine to form the recipe for improvement.

Injury maintenance is why I’ve made it as far as I have in my Jiu Jitsu journey 100%.  While not injured I have racked up tons of repetitions on the way to hitting my magic number on as many moves as possible.

I hope they help you map your journey too.  Enjoy!