My Top 5 YouTube Jiu Jitsu Channels

This list is meant as a quick primer to some of the best Videos and Channels for YouTube Jiu Jitsu resources. This is the final segment of my “Using YouTube As A Tool” series. (Also recommended to view the 2 videos every white belt should see, and how to use YouTube as a tool.)

YouTube As A Tool

Stephan Kesting

1.) Stephan Kesting runs the Grapple Arts website and has posted a ton of free content to his YouTube Jiu Jitsu channel.  There are some really great articles hosted at his website too.  Stephan’s YouTube Jiu Jitsu channel is a great channel for beginners especially.  He does a great job of highlighting the important details of a movement.   Every beginner should spend a little time watching a few of his videos as they form their foundation. Stephan brings in some of the world’s best to help him explain his concepts and answer tough Jiu Jitsu questions.  (Marcelo Garcia is featured in the video below and has a great channel as well)

Ryan Hall

2.) Ryan Hall brings together extremely technical instruction with practicality.  He explains in depth the concepts that mandate his movements.  These teaser videos are segments from his larger DVD series which are loaded with this same quality content.

What is the best way to implement this in depth instruction into your game?  Watch, try the move in training, watch again to see where to improve, and repeat.  A grappler early in their career may not be ready to learn from Ryan.  Check out some of his Youtube Jiu Jitsu offerings to find out if it is over your head.

BJJ Scout

3.) BJJ Scout runs a different sort of instructional altogether.  He takes competition footage of peak athletes that are doing something a little unique.  The mysterious BJJ Scout takes a movement that someone performs different from the general populace and break down why.  He then systematically demonstrates how they overcome the most common obstacles.  An experienced grappler can watch these videos and typically begin implementing these new systems directly into their game.  A beginning grappler can pick up some concepts of strategy from watching these.

Jason Scully

4.) Jason Scully has a variety of content on his Youtube Jiu Jitsu channel, but the ones I find most effective are the 23 Transitions, or 51 guard sweeps types of videos.  I use these types of videos to help identify moves that I’m not familiar with AND want to add to my game.  For example: Maybe, all of my guard sweeps rely off of a cross collar grip. If I see a handful of options using a different grip I may see a concept I am missing which opens up more options.

Often, in these videos, I find answers and counters that I never imagined.  Then I begin a research project to add this movement to my game and fill out an area where I am lacking.  I use him as a jumping off point for deeper study and game building. Upon more in depth research of a movement I am able to determine if it is a good fit for my game.

YouTube Jiu Jitsu Highlight Videos

5.) Highlights. Once a grappler has a solid foundation, and is improving their technical level, highlight videos are a great resource.  They help teach the blending of strategy, move choice and timing. I use this type of video to see what combinations work at the highest level, Then I try to adapt my gameplan to incorporate elements of their approach into mine. (This particular Terere highlight is one of my favorite on YouTube.  Look how much fun he had being a showman and making Jiu Jitsu exciting).

 Warning, the music for Jiu Jitsu highlights is definitely hit or miss….be prepared to listen to some awful music or become friends with your mute button.

There are also highlights that focus on a specific move instead of a specific athlete. I use these move highlights as a focus group.  So, maybe I notice everyone on the video is keeping control of the nearside leg in the omoplata.  Then that must be an important detail they they all agree on by their “vote.”  The similarities and differences help inform my strategic choices.  Also, I can take a move and identify one or both grapplers and attempt to find the entire match on YouTube, to help understand how the position was entered.

Top guys like Caio Terra, Rafael Mendes, Keenan Cornelius, and others have great content as well.

What channels get you fired up on YouTube?