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Why You Should Bring A Pineapple To The First BJJ Class You Take

Starting off on the right foot in Jiu Jitsu is important.  The first impression you make on your first instructor is essential.  Don’t be the guy who forgets to bring a pineapple to the first BJJ class. In academic school, it is well known that bringing an apple to a teacher is a great way

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Pineapple Quick Tip

[dropcap]Pineapple[/dropcap] quick tip to ensure you achieve maximum tastiness. It works. Everyone loves pineapples especially Jiu Jitsu instructors.  Don’t forget to bring a pineapple to your first BJJ class.  Bonus points if you use this tactic to get it especially tasty first. Pineapple Quick Tip Video Transcription: “Hey guys, Lucas Walker here with a healthy jiu-jitsu

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