Pineapple Quick Tip

Pineapple quick tip to ensure you achieve maximum tastiness.

It works.

Everyone loves pineapples especially Jiu Jitsu instructors.  Don’t forget to bring a pineapple to your first BJJ class.  Bonus points if you use this tactic to get it especially tasty first.

Pineapple Quick Tip Video Transcription:

Hey guys, Lucas Walker here with a healthy jiu-jitsu tip.

So one of the keys to jujitsu is good nutrition and a good way to have good nutrition is to eat delicious foods.

I actually got a tip from the pineapple guy that does samples at Sam’s Club the other day trying to find out how he picks out a good pineapple what he does with them

If you’re picking out a pineapple, the more green means that it’s not quite ready, if it’s yellow that means it’s ready and if it’s brown it’s moving past.  Just like bananas.

But, the tip he gave that surprised me was, the night before you eat the pineapple turn it upside down.

Leave it upside down on your counter you can even put a pitcher over the top or just lean it against something. It lets all the juices that settle into the bottom spread out the whole pineapple.

Way more delicious.